About Us

From dream to reality
From our Mediterranean origins we have always kept in mind sweet and spicy flavours of the south...

It all began in 2006 when we decided to move to Morocco. We had the project of creating a natural cosmetic line, without preconceived ideas about the choice of product to develop.

Afrikissime Karite

Having lived in Benin, we knew shea butter, its virtues and its many 
uses. It appeared more interesting to us to try working with this product, and thus mark a difference with the existing local brands.

We left in March 2007, travelling the Benin in search of the best product. From Cotonou to Parakou, we met women in villages and cooperatives in order to find a high quality shea butter, through fair trade channels.

The creation of the lines

After our return, the creation process initiate with it’s many meetings and studies.
It quickly appeared that it would be necessary to present a more important line, in order to provide a complete care protocols to the professionals and a range able to satisfy all consumers needs.

In total, and from the very beginning, Afrikissime Karité offers about thirty products organise in different lines and different fragrances (body, hair, face, massage, “hammam”, men, home fragrances, etc...)

It seemed obvious to us, from the beginning that the inspiration behind the fragrances and the products had to come from the rich flora of Morocco : saffron, Dades rose, sage, mint, basil, verbena....

We decided on the name Afrikissime for our brand, evoking the nourishing mother who provides the Shea butter, and the superlative to reinforce the idea that we had chosen the very best for their products ...

The period from January 2008 to December 2009, was devoted to the development of the different products: research, development, production forms of samples, and  selection of packaging. To mark our natural brand, we wanted bottles, tubes and jars of the best possible quality (unleaded), guaranteeing perfect hygiene, and obviously recyclable.  
After many more tests and the launch of the production, the sales process of the brand started in February 2010, with the opening of the first Afrikissime Karité shop.

Marokissime Argan
After on year and a half of Afrikissime's marketing and development, in order to answer to a constant request from tourists visiting Morocco, on  "Moroccan gold" argan oil, we decided to launch a new brand, Marokissime.

In a packaging emphazising traditional handcraft of Morocco, this new brand proposes specific oriental products inspired by hammam ancestral rituals.

Marokissime Cosmetic
In response to high end spa establishments’ requests, we’ve added a luxury Spa brand to our range of body care essentials.
Drawing on recent research proving the rejuvenating virtues of Prickly Pear Seed Oil, Marokissime Cosmetic was launched in November 2013 to showcase in one range all this body care product made with this precious philter.

The creators : Agnes and Gilbert Borelli